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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Favorite Foxy Valentine

We will soon be approaching that holiday that baffles me. Valentine's Day. I think it's nice to celebrate love, I just don't understand why that doesn't happen on a daily basis. Who says you can't give a bundle of flowers just because? It doesn't have to be for Valentine's Day. There is a lot of pressure to do something special if you're in a relationship, or if you're just starting one (extra pressure!). If you're single, regardless of if you are ok with it or not, you typically feel the need to avoid favorite locales and grab your girlfriends for an evening of despising men.
I have been in all three of these situations and have come to the conclusion every time: Valentine's Day is idiotic.
Yes, I do like receiving flowers. I love flowers. They smell so good and are so pretty. Sometimes if I'm at the market and there is a well priced bunch of flowers, I might get them just to brighten up a room. Why? Because you don't need a special occasion for brightening up your living space with nature.
It is much more special when I get flowers from someone I love though. My dad and grandfather have sent me flowers every year since I can remember on Valentine's Day and that is special to me.
If you think Valentine's Day is silly like I tend to, just embrace it. Send a card to kids in your life, nephews, nieces or cousins because they enjoy it. Have a girls night out with your best friends. Send your parents a little gift, whether it be serious or funny.
To make Valentine's fun for me and for you, I have created three different Valentine card designs. The first one above, is perfect for anyone. Just fill in the blank. You're my favorite boss, you're my favorite dad, you're my favorite sister, you're my favorite UPS guy. Just spread some favoritism in a creative way!

Lately, I have loved sweet little foxes. I had a shirt on the other day with a fox on it and my boyfriend said I looked foxy. Of course he wasn't serious and was trying to be funny (fail?) but I thought it would make a cute little card for someone. Send one to your mom, she'll appreciate it.

Brighten up someone's day with a typical Valentine saying with unconventional green and preppy hearts intertwined.

All of these cards are for sale in my Etsy store(link top right)! They are 5x4 folded, all blank inside so that you can write out your feelings. Each one comes with an envelope as well. They are for sale for $12 for a pack of 10 or you can buy them individually for $3. Valentine's Day is almost a month away!

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