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Thursday, January 5, 2012


I went to my pantry door the other day to check a date (because that's where my calendar hangs of course) and realized it was still December 2011 even though it was, in fact, January 2012 in the real world. I had failed to get a 2012 calendar. So I was staring at it, with its lovely Caribbean picture, and left it up because so far I like 2011 better than I am liking 2012. Since we are only 5 days in, I'm willing to give this year another shot.
However, that leaves me with the issue of should I get a calendar or not? I didn't really write on that one much...I typically use my iCal for everything because it will remind me. The calendar on the wall won't. It will just mock me later with something I forgot to do or missed. So even though I'm undecided, I picked out just a few that I fancied in case I decided to really get one. Meanwhile, I do have a cute desktop calendar on my desk at work as well as a free calendar of random places in this country. I think this month is a mountain in Washington. So that is what I prefer to stay away from. I want 2012 to a)get better b)be artsy and c)provide eye candy (I don't mean a calendar of David Beckham although I would not be opposed to that if he had one. Does he have one?)
Here are some nice possibilities:

Simple, colorful, carefree. I could even make my own version of this at little cost.

A nice patterned take on a calendar. I like the monochromatic color pattern and I'm sure most of the colors are very punchy and fun judging by September-December

I love the dip-dyed look and the advancement of 3 months on this calendar. It allows you to look ahead, which is positive.

I said artsy! The movement of the lines in these drawings are just beautiful. The colors and intricate details are exotic.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

A reusable calendar sounds nice to me. And of course Russian stacking dolls are adorable.

What does your calendar look like?

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