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Friday, December 9, 2011

Designer Savings

You are going to love me. I have some secrets I'm going to share. If you already know about them, then you are just super cool. If not, you're still super cool because I am about to help you out. I know this time of year can cut into your wallets and savings a bit if you're wanting to get a really nice gift. It doesn't have to.
I have to admit something...I can think of two instances where I paid full price for something designer, and those items were gifts for other people.
Even though I don't like paying shipping, it's nice to take the legwork out of shopping for something. It's delivered, you wrap it, you can relax.

Flash sales on two sites are all I ever look at. I know there are more than these out there for sure but I've done good with these two.

The first: Rue La La. They have such great designers, and the prices are marked down so much! Check out anything from clothing, accessories, shoes, household items, cooking items and even getaways. Their service is fast, I usually get my package only a few days after I purchase it unless it is backordered. They already have the items in their warehouse, so it's quick. If something is sold out, you can still possibly get it depending on if they are able to get more. This is my absolute favorite. It opens at 11 am ET and trust me when I say, grab it early because the good stuff sells out so fast!
Here's my invitation to you:

The second: Hautelook. They have good brands as well and it mostly focuses on apparel. The downside to this is that they sometimes don't do exchanges and shipment time varies. Like Rue La La, the site opens at 11 am ET.
Here's my invitation to you:

If you love certain brands or stores, Shop It To Me is guaranteed to give you those specific brands. You can choose up to ten in their list. You specify your sizes, when you would like to be informed of sales and on those days you get a shopping list fitted just for you. That really takes the leg work out of shopping!

Other sources: Groupon and Living Social. They have local deals on so many useful things around your specified area and have added getaways as well that are pretty sweet deals.

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