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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Festive Fashion

My Christmas festivities start tonight with a Christmas party at my parents house for all of their friends. Seeing people I haven't seen in a while is always nice at Christmas. The weather outside is chilly and a little gloomy (snowy maybe?) and I have to admit I like that because it makes Christmas cozy.
I still have to finish packing and decide what to take to wear to be festive and comfy this weekend. Still thinking about my favorite Christmas movies post from yesterday makes me appreciate these ensembles more! If you remember me highlighting the styling of Disney Bound during Harry Potter Week, then you'll remember how fun it is to dress with the idea of a character in mind.
Here are some great looks based on Christmas:

Embrace the color coupling of red and green!

This is so classy and yesteryear. Very Holiday Inn appropriate

I love white, especially when it has a sheen to it. The Winter Warlock was really a good guy once he got his cho0-choo.

Sam the Snowman is one of the best narrators of the Christmas movies. I have always loved his plaid too.

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