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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Resolution No. 3: Save

This site has lots of tips-more than I would have given you!

I am probably not the best person to write this post...I like to save money when I can but I often don't set out to do so. I need to make myself more aware of what I am buying and spending money on particularly. I want to take into account how long something is going to last me, if I can use it in different ways. For example, everyone needs a little black dress in their wardrobe. Does everyone need one that is super sparkly? No, in a few years that trend could be gone. I would rather spend more on a classy piece that will last rather than splurge on something that I will be giving away down the road because it's no longer on trend. If I buy fresh fruits and veggies, will I use them in different recipes often throughout the week? Can I make a smoothie out of those last few berries? Yes. Do I need a party tray because I like all the fruit in it? No (I have never bought a party tray just for myself, it just came to mind), I can buy the fruit and cut it myself and make it last longer and get more out of it.
Get what I'm saying? I just want to make myself aware of how I spend and save a little along the way for those timeless purchases.

Here are some of my ideas, but please provide me with some of yours to help me save better!

1) My grandfather used to empty out his pockets of change every evening and put it in a huge jar with a top labeled "Baby Henry" for me. At the end of the year, he would roll the coins and cash them into the was usually $300+ and a great way to simply have extra money. I have tried to remember to do that and allot one jar or bucket for change but have never really stuck to it. This year, I want to try again! I just have to find a good tall container now since the other one is long gone.

2) Take advantage of online flash sales, see this post.

3) Take advantage of two for one deals at the store if it's something you use frequently, like toothpaste. My friend Morgan just gave me a rundown of coupon saving. I get the paper in the mail and always throw it away. With it I am throwing away a lot of savings! Clip the things you know you need, and the things you might want but pay attention to the expiration date and fine print for location availability. Paperclip them together by expiration date and toss them once the date has passed. Red Plum and Smart Source were two of her favorite coupon books. If you are in the Nashville area, try the Clipper as well for deals on restaurants and things around town.

4) Buy local. This may not save you money but you are supporting your local economy and knowing that something is handcrafted or homemade makes it better. Someone put a lot of work into your purchase!

5) Dine in and prepare for the next day. I try to take my lunch to work everyday, in order to eat healthier and save money. I've already bought the groceries, I don't need to let them go to waste. Make meals at home. Frozen foods have gotten healthier and makes it simple to have a good meal quickly, even if you don't cook or you don't have the time.

6) Make at-home lattes. I love Starbucks. So much. My wallet does not. Brew your own Starbucks brand coffee. You can even make it fresh if you get whole beans and have a grinder. French presses give you strong, fabulous coffee every time. There are so many tasty creamers and syrups out there to give you the same flavor, you just have to find the right one. If you want healthy versions and the same great taste, join the Tone It Up team and you'll have so many on the nutrition plan!

7) Shop out of season and in season. Don't buy blueberries in the winter, buy bathing suits to use in the summer. Farmers markets are full of in-season fruits and vegetables that are delicious. God grew them this time of year for a reason, so you might as well embrace them when they do. Buying products out of season means clear out sales, end of season sales and overall lower costs on items that just aren't being used right now.

8) Sell the stuff you don't want. I like to give clothes to Goodwill but if you are wanting to make some money off of it, try local consignment shops or if it's something that is gently used try selling online.

9) Take advantage of free offers. I live in an apartment. I love that there are two pools and a fitness center. The plus to apartment living is that those amenities are free to me. This means I don't have to have a gym membership because right now I don't need one. Maybe your company or church has a gym. Use it!

10) Get rid of the landline. Cell phones have nixed the need for a land line. Sure, they might be great in an emergency, but do you really want to pay for something every month that you might use once? Chances are, your cell phone will be with or near you so in the event of an emergency, you should be okay.

Decorate some old cans (Pringles cans are great sizes) and label them for something you want to give to or save for and drop some change or a few extra dollars in there.

Check out online coupons you can print at home and use at the store.

What are some money saving tips you use? I need help!


  1. LOVE the Pringles can idea!

    A couple I would add would be:

    Direct deposit to savings account (a savings account that issues a penalty if you withdraw)

    Get rid of cable

    Grow your own food

    Make a list of FREE things that you REALLY enjoy doing and stick mostly to those

    Call and make SURE your insurance has been run through on every medical bill you get before you pay it and... verify the balance

    Invest wisely and learn to hold when necessary

    And... number one... DON'T USE CREDIT CARDS! :):)

  2. Those are great ideas! I love your idea of the list of free things to do. Thanks for sharing! Have a Happy New Year!



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