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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 Resolution No. 1: Get Fit

A lot of resolutions are not fulfilled for the length of the year. We may do good for about a week, maybe a month even. However, once we get interested in other things, the priority of the resolution diminishes slowly. I am not one to make a resolution because I know I probably won't stick to it.
Until 2011 rolled around! I was feeling sluggish and not at all in shape around this time last year. I saw pictures of myself and hated how heavy I looked. For someone short, a few pounds looks like more than it would on someone taller. Everyone's body is different and you just have to know how to treat it in order to be healthy for your body type. I didn't feel healthy and that was my main problem. I would work out every now and then and would give up because I thought it was too hard. I used to have good metabolism, especially in high school when I was an active cheerleader. At 25 last year, that was not the case! I knew I had to start doing something active to feel better and look better. My problem areas are my belly and my arms. When I gain weight, that's where it goes, as well as my face. I knew I needed to do cardio but really hated running and walking was monotonous even if it was outside (weather!). I was lucky enough to have a free fitness center as part of my apartment amenities and took advantage of the elliptical, which definitely burns calories. That was a good start. I downloaded the Livestrong app on my iPhone and kept track of my calorie intake and fitness. I recommend getting it just to make yourself aware of what you eat. A little can go a long way, and oftentimes not in a good way.
I admit I watched Jake's season of the Bachelor and loved sweet little Tenley Molzahn. I followed her on Twitter and noticed a lot of her tweets were about Tone It Up. So I investigated and found that it was best friend fitness duo that had tons of great workout routines on YouTube...for free.
I started a few of those and then bit the bullet to further my New Years resolution to get in shape. I bought their diet plan and it changed my eating habits completely. The diet plan is not about calorie intake, it's about eating the right foods at the right times. Their recipes are delicious and easy to make. I now find myself substituting high-calorie recipes with healthy ingredients and getting results that are tasty and good for me.
I've gone in-depth about Tone It Up because it was what I stuck to and what I love to still do and follow. I ended up losing and toning about 12+ pounds and am still sticking to it not to necessarily lose weight but to tone and be stronger and leaner. I have also incorporated barre technique into my workout routine with BarreAmped and I love it (Pure Barre is very similar and is nationwide if one is closer to you).
So I plan on sticking to my 2011 resolution to get fit and expand on it with get toned and stay that way!
Getting fit is probably the most popular New Years resolution. I encourage you to try Tone It Up or a barre class but most importantly, do what works for you to be healthy and happy in 2012.

Karena and Katrina are best friends and trainers. They started Tone It Up together and offer adorable tees and tanks in their store, amazing recipes that are so simple and delicious. Even though they are all the way in California, I feel like I know them because their fitness videos are friendly and fun to watch. They send out additions to the diet plan for members and post new workouts, recipes, and tips frequently.

To get yourself in gear for working out, it helps to feel good about the way you look. That starts with what you are wearing, even at the gym! Get great pants that make your butt look perky and hit the elliptical! Lululemon is expensive, but made well and it's so cute you can run to the store after a work out. New shoes in fun colors will make you want to put them on and go for a power walk. I drink more water now since my Water Bobble can be refilled from anywhere and it filters it. I love these hair bands that are stretchy and stylish too! TRAINERmats are genius ways to do some yoga or other fitness routines wherever you are. The moves are on the mat! I plan on getting a foam roller for a different type of routine (and a little massage!) A watch with a heart rate monitor tells more than time. I don't have one but it seems like a good thing to have if you are a runner and want to keep track.

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