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Thursday, November 17, 2011

White Christmas

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

As I've gotten older, I'm drawn more to white and pale neutrals. It is crisp and fresh and I love that non-fussy look. Especially around Christmas, red, green and gold is everywhere. If you are wanting to still have a wintry look but want to keep it simple, a neutral color palette can be absolutely gorgeous. After browsing everything, I almost prefer it.
One of my favorite Christmas movies and songs is White Christmas. The song inspired two different cards in my collection (the other being Merry & Bright) and this particular card, White Christmas, is simple and clean. It has a tone on tone pattern in the background and is in white and sandy gray with a shimmery sandy colored envelope to match. The simple phrase "May All Your Christmases Be White" is across the front, with a small design and "Merry Christmas" on the inside. This card is great for the minimalist and modern guy, gal or family!
Here are some suggestions for making your Christmas white this year:

Snowflakes. Need I say more? Make a snowflake curtain with your homemade snowflakes and fishing line for a wintry window. For snowflake cutting tutorials, check this site.

For a shiny take on a white Christmas, add some silver to the mix. Keep it simple with white candles, crystal or acrylic accents, and bold silver pieces. Many of these things can be reused throughout the year too.

Craft stores have tons of little Christmas knickknacks that can be painted and glittered. I love this fantastical winter snowscape for a mantle.

Choose a white or silver piece and display it on your Christmas table among white place settings and frosty trees.

You can embellish packages with so many different things. Start collecting little pieces of fabric, ribbon, scraps of paper, yarn, whatever you can find. If you are wanting a monochromatic color scheme keep that in mind or just add some spray paint or glitter to embellishments, like the giant leaf. Create a bow or flower out of your scraps easily with hot glue or wire. Layer and layer fun things to get this look.

Craft stores have wooden shapes galore usually. Choose Christmas items like deer, stars, angels, or go with simple round shapes and paint them white for snowy ornaments.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Your ornaments above will make the prettiest tree around. Another great idea for Christmas morning is to group gifts into buckets to reduce clutter and add a pop of fresh white from the ground up!

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