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Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend Wonderment

I've decided (just now) to start a series every Friday called "Weekend Wonderment" with little things to make you ponder, make you like, make you live a little more fancifully (I also just made up that word if it wasn't one already). It's just a few little things to take into the weekend with won't know what it's going to be, it probably won't always go together, but I guarantee it's going to be fun. Ok, here we go!

Something to cuddle: Long-haired cream dachshund.

Something to DO: Blessings Bag with necessities for the homeless

Something to enjoy: A grown up fort

Something to dream about: Bioluminescent lake in Australia

Something to live by: words of Steve Jobs

Something to sing:

Something to know: it's vital

Something to escape to:


Check out the new website design as well as the Etsy store!

I'm excited about those two new things because that will just lead to more exciting new things...

JUST REMEMBER, with the holidays upon us...

Sorry mom and grandmother for the profanity. I didn't write that, I just laughed at it. Get it, Fanciful Ink? Fancy? You can lecture me later, but I know you laughed.
Especially you, grandmother. I hear you giggling.

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