Tuesday, November 1, 2011

London Fog

Source: douglew.com via Laurie on Pinterest

With the weather turning slightly wintry lately, the crisp air makes me want to curl up with something hot. I love Earl Grey tea, as you can tell by this post in April, and sometimes I like to create my own "London Fog" at home. It is so simple and so delicious. I used to order London Fogs with soy milk at Starbucks (now Early Grey tea latte on the menu) and realized it is simple to make. There is another way on the link with the photo below, but here is my way:

Brew Tazo Earl Grey tea and pour only half a cup of tea in a mug

Source: google.com via Laurie on Pinterest

Add vanilla soy milk to the tea, filling up the rest of the cup. You can warm it up in the microwave or use it cold to cool down the tea a little. Add sugar to taste if it needs it.

Source: google.com via Laurie on Pinterest

And you're done!

For more lovely London looks, read this.

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