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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Put Your Name On It

I'm sorry, I'm not sure where this image came from! It was found on Pinterest. Apologies to the original pinner of this beautiful arrangement and kudos on something so lovely.

Not so much your name, but your initials. I don't think monogramming will really ever go out of style, it just keeps getting reinvented. There's something so very southern about monograms and stamping your three little letters (or one) onto something that makes it even more yours. Who can really steal something unless you have the same initials? If you happen to be lucky enough to share three letters with someone then go ahead, you can always just claim it as yours. I'm not recommending to actually steal something, I'm just saying. There are so many different styles out there that it's easy to pick out something that will best suit your name needs. I ran across Luxury Monograms in Rue Magazine, which is amazing this issue, and decided to check it out. These monograms are beautiful, with many options and lots of luxe detail. I never would have thought to monogram placemats or a shower curtain but these are pretty awesome!

Luxury Monograms placemat

Luxury Monograms pillows

Luxury Monograms shower curtain

Luxury Monograms cardigan

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