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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Many Unrelated Things

First of all, this:

I just thought I would share a few laughs with you today. I have a few things though:
1) Last night I met with a bride about her wedding invitations and am very excited about it!
2) I love to see traffic on the blog building up. I hope that you spread the word and help me to grow more and more! It challenges me to constantly be thinking in design-mode.
3) Fanciful Ink is about to be a little more social...I am already on Facebook (if you haven't "liked" the page, shame shame shame on you!) and am about to be on Twitter!
4) This combines 2 & 3 a bit, if you read the blog please post a comment below with your email (or privately email me at and let me know who you are so I can say hi and send you a little treat! You can also comment on Fanciful Ink's Facebook page if you like. I would also like to know who has Twitter so I can add you once Fanciful Ink's Twitter page gets rolling!
5) That is all. Thank you for the support...don't forget you get a treat for commenting!

So here are some more funny and completely unrelated things for you:

I do this. I really do. I know I'm 25 but there could be something under there...and these days it's probably a cat named Belle, which leads me to this:

Belle muted and then hung up on my mother last night when she was on speaker phone. Sorry again, Mom, I have no control over her. She just lets me live there.

Ok that's it with the dumb stuff. Have a happy Wednesday.

Also, if you read this months from now, I'll still give you a treat for contacting me!

1 comment:

  1. Your blog is my favorite! I'm a huge fan and I show it to friends all the time :-)



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