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Friday, October 14, 2011

Art of Friday: Light

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

In college, art majors had to take 3-D Design. We focused on different aspects of art like shape, color, texture, etc. One was light. It was possibly the most baffling and most intriguing of the studies. Light is all around us all the time but how do we capture it and turn it into something design-worthy? I ended up doing a large cube of intersecting white ribbons in the space, lit within by a backlight and draped with black fabric. Looking back, while it was very cool, I wouldn't have done that. It didn't exactly make me think of light, it wasn't something that I would have wanted to keep. Of course it was simply a study but I have always been fascinated with light. I have tons of lamps. I love chandeliers, especially in unconventional spaces ever since I saw a cave home while in Morocco. The home was sparse, it just had a table and some pillowed seating, but the beautiful thing about it was the chandelier hanging proudly in that cave home. It was spectacular against the raw rock of the earth around it.
Consider these works of art, take light a step further and make it unique rather than an essential. Use it in ways you wouldn't automatically think of, like a chandelier on a light pole, above.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

‘Dans La Lune’ by Kirsten Hassenfeld

Suspended mesh bags hold crystals and a light source hidden within. Imagine this hanging above your bed and the glow that it would have. Or imagine walking through a forest of these, like fairy nests.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Make bath time fun by turning off the lights and adding glow sticks. And it's an alternative to a candle for relaxing grown up baths. I kind of want to try this!

This reminds me of the ground at Epcot. Pretty much everything is fiber optic there, which is awesome and still sort of futuristic even though it's been there for a while now. How cool would this be in a kitchen? Unconventional I know, but still amazing.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Gorgeous for a wedding or formal event, this fiber optic tablecloth comes in many different color options, though I couldn't find prices on the site...I'm sure you could figure out a DIY that would be cheaper! A very elegant look when paired with a monochromatic palette like white and enhanced with candlelight.

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