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Friday, September 30, 2011

What To Do, What To Do?

I have had way too much coffee today and it has given me lots of energy. What would I be doing today if I could be doing it? Glad you asked because I found a list of 365 things to do in Nashville. There are some I really don't want to do and some that sound kinda fun. Fun new places to discover! Here is a little DIY project for you that I have been doing with the boyfriend. Every month, I give him a card for a pre-paid date night. This past month we went to Cave City, Kentucky and did a zip line course. I make a point to purchase little deals on Groupon or Living Social to restaurants we have never been to or places that would be fun to go to, like a dinner theater or vineyard. I made some little tiny cards and put them in envelopes:

Or you could go ahead and line them up in a basket, like so:

Here is a list of a gajillion things to do in Nashville. Or also, here.

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