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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pretty Maids All In A Row

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Ladies and gentlemen who love to laugh, the day is here. Bridesmaids is now available to buy and watch over and over again. I cannot wait to laugh at the scene on the plane and the scene in the bridal boutique again. I'm laughing thinking about it. Remember my poster?
So in honor of this momentous day, I've rounded up some fun gifts for your bridesmaids or just your group of gals that are always your "bridesmaids", ever by your side as you do silly things throughout life.

Who doesn't love to open up a cute little case full of amazing goodies? I know I do. Fill a sweet container with everything your besties need for the big day and after. Try some jewelry for the wedding, nail polish, beauty products or little perfume samples (no one wants stinky friends).

I think it's sweet to ask your bridesmaids in a fun way, again with a little box filled with information she needs or just some momentos of the two of you like photos through the years, tickets you've saved or something that will remind her of an inside joke. I've made cards to send to my best friend Julie's bridesmaids with a cute poem (and then received it in the mail), and have heard of girls getting wedding cake flavored cupcakes as a treat when they were asked. Get creative!

These hangers are adorable, would make for a great photo with dresses in a line and is a keepsake that otherwise they probably wouldn't think of getting themselves.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

You have to have something to put phones, cameras and lip gloss in, right? Your bra can only hold so much. Etsy has a plethora of cute clutches that can be personalized completely with colors, fabric, names, whatever! PS-I DESIGN FABRIC!

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Fellow former art major at Union, Rose Rogers, has the most precious jewelry for sale and she can custom make it as well.

I think these tiny bottles of champagne with a cute card on them are a great way to have a little toast before walking down the aisle, just don't overdo it and stagger down the aisle. A few sips, save it for later! Cheers.

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