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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Morgan & Matt's Rustic Vintage Wedding-Part 2

To continue with wedding coverage of the Baker's nuptials...the tent outside the barn was filled with tables for their many guests. Each table was unique, with its own decor theme, and displayed heirloom items and sweet flowers. Here are some of them:

Old teapots filled with flowers were colorful and sweet.

Playing off the couple's last name, Baker, the "baker" table had a beautiful dish towel and bright yellow bowl among other vintage kitchen items.

The couple met in pharmacy school, so the apothecary themed table was incredibly important! I love the old bottles within the larger vase. The colors are subtly beautiful.

An old bird cage held a lovely feather and faux bird amongst the flowers inside.

This table had adorable pictures of grandparents, and this photo you can see here was so cute. It looks like the image that comes with the frame, but it's so candid and coy.

The sewing themed table had this incredible sewing machine and beautiful bust vase. I love the colorful touch of the buttons in the mason jar.

I met Morgan at college, specifically when we pledged Chi Omega. As a little surprise to her, all the Chi-O's that came to the wedding brought a little owl for this particular table. It was filled with cute little hooties (more than this).

Four tables had these tall vases with airy white flowers and branches to add some height.

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