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Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekenders

It's no secret I love Kate Spade. So I really really love this bag!

It's hard to believe Labor Day is upon us. Thank goodness for a long weekend! My Labor Day will be spent in Louisiana (with an added two days!) and as I was packing last night, I realized that I am a bag hoarder. No one needs many bags unless they are moving. Then, the bags lie in wait for their next use. I'm not sure how I end up with them, but I definitely don't need them all. I ended up packing everything in my L.L. Bean gigantic boat tote that I mistakenly bought entirely too large this summer (it was meant to be a beach bag and I'm pretty sure I can sit comfortably inside of it). It does, however, make a nice weekender bag because I stacked all of my clothes pretty high on one side of the bag, arranged shoes and toiletries on the other and am good to go.
So if any of you are jet-setting for a the holiday weekend and need a good weekender bag, here are a few looks I think would be fun and timeless:

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

This would be good for a man, or for a woman who likes the rugged menswear look.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

This has a vintage look with modern sturdiness.

Initials ensure that this bag won't get mistaken with someone else's.

I love the old-world travel aspect of these bags. Classic.

Props to Amy Butler on really fun prints for bags. Tip: if you sew, you can buy the pattern and make it yourself with her fabric or any fabric of your choice...hint: MY FABRIC!

This bag is bright and punchy, and the perfect size for the weekend.

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