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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Books & How To Use Them

Books are little places to escape to inside our crazy minds. When we are done with them, they are great to stack to elevate a lamp. As bookstores are closing and very sadly dying out, I am fearful that the lovely feeling of turning a page of paper is going to go all digital soon. My work involves me in front of a computer all the time so I don't want to unwind by reading a screen. I want a book with a cover and pages between that I can touch and smell the ink. However, having many books results in having stacks of them, which is great when you have the space for a library. Since some book covers just aren't pretty, I have resolved to covering my ugly paperbacks with brown paper and filling my small bookcase with. Other art books and bigger books I've stacked on and under tables with something decorative on top. I love the look of beautiful hard cover books and little objects on top of them. I have three design books all in different shades of minty green on my bedside table with a little white clock and hand lotion on top, next to my lamp.
So here are a few ideas of what to do with your piles of books, or how to repurpose them into decorative pieces or even some decoupage something or other...get creative.

With a little organization and a lot of books, you can color code the books if you're not obsessive about getting series of books out of order.

For a monochromatic look, flip the books pages out or cover with a colored paper.

For a funkier take on covering books, try using old scraps of fabric or patterned paper.

I love the designs of the Barnes and Nobel classic hardbacks they have now. There are different collections but all of them have the most beautiful covers.

When you're done reading those beautiful Barnes and Nobel books, make them into shelves with 2 L brackets and lightweight objects placed on top.

This table cracks me up but it's really cool, especially if it spins. I imagine it does.

This chair is THE spot to read a book, clearly.

Pretty medallions with table numbers made out of book pages are cute for weddings or parties.

Please don't make a bouquet out of book page flowers, but find other things to do with them, like attached to a wreath or...this below... a package enhancement!

Check out the full post on the link to see Ceci New York's beautiful invitation design inspired by the New York Public Library for The Knot Industry Gala. Swoon.



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