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Friday, August 5, 2011

Southern Roots & Cowboy Boots

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

I have on cowboy boots today because I read an article last night in the latest issue of Garden and Gun magazine about Southern Women. There of course is the summery song about California Girls and even though there is a shout out to "Southern girls with the way they talk," the focus is particularly on the beachy blonde surfer girls. However, can those girls whip up a good meal out of practically nothing and set it out on a beautifully decorated table for an impromptu dinner? Maybe, but not with the gusto of a Southern lady. She probably has magnolias or those deep, sultry blue hydrangeas growing in her yard that she can go cut and stick in a mason jar and make it look good without even trying. Same goes for the food. I know a lot of awesome grandmothers (mine's the best) who can cook the best meals and pass the skills and secrets down to their daughters and granddaughters (again, mine are the best cooks and decorators) and instill in them a sense of pride and skill unlike any other region of the United States. These women will stay up late into the evening baking something for your birthday to take to school or bake sale just because it is putting forth an effort that says they care enough to create a masterpiece. Because they are Southern and that is what they do. Things are just different with Southern women, we make an effort for things to look good because we believe and know they are good. We are hospitable, not haughty. We want you to enjoy those biscuits and gravy (I only eat my grandfather's, a Southern gentleman...don't get me started on that!) and ice cold sweet tea, cornbread and straight from the farm produce. We like color because the South is colorful with deep greens, harvest yellows, pink roses and blue hydrangeas. Not to mention, it seems like every Southern woman has some red classing up some part of their house because in the South, red is classy.
Each state down here in the sweltering South has its own charm but it's all still the same sweet Southern charm.

My mother collects blue and white ceramics like this and paired with some bright blue hydrangeas, this just emits Southern elegance.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Denim always reminds me of the South. It's the fabric of cowboys it seems, and this little dress has so much summery sweet appeal someone should be holding a bundle of sunflowers and a huge glass of sweet tea to complete the look.

It's just a staple shoe when you live in the South. Anywhere else, with the exception of "out west" you'll just look dumb wearing these. Here though, is where these look best. I love boots with dresses.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Perfect Southern gentleman styling...a dark vest with plaid, wildflowers and an old Mason jar (probably with whiskey? Real Southern men drink whiskey)

I love the embodiment of the Southern charm even a vampire possesses. True Blood, need I say more?

If you haven't read The Help that is your assignment this weekend to get started on it before the movie comes out next week.

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