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Friday, August 12, 2011

Keeping It Cool

Even though summer is winding down and school is starting back up, summer is still in full force. Here in Nashville we are enjoying warm weather rather than scorching heat, which is nice. It is especially nice for outdoor evening gatherings like a vineyard picnic, which is happening this weekend! As I was thinking about what to bring for the picnic, I realized it's still going to be in the 80s so I need to keep some things chilled. So I turned to Pinterest (of course) for inspiration on creative ideas to keep things cool-and tasty! Here are a few ideas for your late summer and upcoming fall picnics.

Anything in mason jars is cute and compact. Freeze the jars for 24 hours and fill with ice cream then transfer to an ice-filled bucket. Aluminum keeps things cooler longer.

Hang on to the last few days of summer with a coconut ice cube. Click the original link on how to color these cubes so cutely.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Color your cubes with food coloring! It will make for a more festive drink. Just make sure you're ok with having a blue tongue.

Look for a deeper ice tray (or create your own large ice cube with the bottom of a plastic, styrofoam or paper cup) and freeze fresh fruit slices and berries to flavor up water, lemonade or tea.

Create a cooler for a slim bottle by freezing it in an old soda bottle. It's pretty and if you sit it in a bowl once it starts to melt, you'll have flavored water as well!

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