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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gallery Wall

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Gallery walls create an eclectic look for displaying artwork and photographs.

I received a letter from my apartment complex saying that roof replacement was happening yesterday. It's a bit of a mess around there...and needless to say, I had to quickly take down things on the wall yesterday when I realized they would most likely be banged off onto the floor. That would result in a bigger mess than necessary and an even more distraught kitty cat (she hates thunderstorms so I'm pretty sure she's really hating the overhead roof shenanigans). I managed to take everything down in my bedroom and living room quickly and then walked into my guest room/office and walked back out. You see, the largest wall in my apartment is in that room and I created a gallery wall on it. I never accounted for the fact that roofers would come and I would have to take it down. I scanned the wall, realized not much would really break if it did fall due to most pieces not having glass...and I chose my grandmother's needlepoints to take down because I cared if those broke. The rest was left hanging. Hopefully when I go home today it will still be hanging.
I love gallery walls, it is such a great way to hang lots of prized artwork and various items and make it look cohesive. Here are some great examples and a tip that I wish I had known before I created my gallery wall!

Even small spaces like a bathroom can be filled with frames, as long as they are small. I love all of the silhouettes of this one.

Lighter frames are more dramatic on a darker wall. Don't over think the issue of matching frames either! Just fit them together like a puzzle.

Gallery walls are even cuter for a baby's nursery with family mementos, or like this one, featuring the alphabet and making the focal point the baby's initial.

I like the simplicity of creating a line between the two areas of frames.

This makes placement easier I would imagine! The instructions: Lay out your arrangement on the floor, then flip the frames. Mark the nail spot on several pieces of wax paper taped together, flip, tape to the wall then nail where the marks indicate. Remove the wax paper and hang your photos in order. From Roost by Marissa Waddell.

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