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Friday, July 29, 2011

Rosy is Golden

I have been enamored by the lovely alloy of gold and copper that is rose gold. I think it would look terrible with my skin tone but I still love it. I don't own any and am admiring the beautiful color from a distance. I have recently embraced gold into my life; white gold is my long-standing favorite when it comes to the color of gold (did you know there is also green and blue gold? never seen it so I'm not sure I believe this!). I have always hated brass, I just think it's tacky. Copper has grown on me quite a bit. I now think it is elegant rather than wondering why it's so very orange. Which has led me to rose gold. I think it is such a subtly sophisticated look, especially when paired with neutral colors like ivory and white. There is something a little more earthy about it, like the rich color of mud. It would of course be great year round, but with fall a few months away, I think I've found a wonderfully warm new accessory.

The decadence of these items would be too much together but

Such a warm element for a kitchen area.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

He's just really cute. Being rose gold makes him fancier. I like skulls because I was a Chi Omega. :-)

I'm hunting this color down for fall!


  1. I'm sending the top photo from Pinterest with the color palette at the bottom to the girl who is going to do my makeup for mine and Clark's engagement session! At the end of summer, who doesn't need a warm, bronzed glow like this :) Love it!



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