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Monday, July 11, 2011

Jellyfish Art

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

First off, I just want to say a very special thanks to Alison McQuain of Alison McQuain Photography for guest blogging last week while I was on vacation. I enjoyed finally getting to see some of her lovely new home. The McQuains have been working so hard to get their sweet little abode together and I can't wait to go visit soon!

My cruise was lovely and I wish I was still on the ship, basking in the sun next to water rather than suffocating in Tennessee's heat with no water (except my water bottle) within feet of me. Our second day on the cruise we were in Nassau, Bahamas and went to the Atlantis resort for a few hours. Our plan was to stay on the beach a while and then walk around of our own accord inside the resort, which is beautiful and has a huge marine life habitat. Little did I know, however, that the marine life in the ocean part was the close encounter I would have that day.
When we approached the beach, there was a jellyfish season sign out, so I made sure I was looking around me in the water as much as I could remember too. That was of course not enough. I never saw the little squishy devil, so I'm not sure if it was a jellyfish or a Portuguese Man of War, which I now am thinking it might have been simply because of my symptoms later in the day.
I had whip-like marks around my wrist and elbow that were swollen, red and stung like you couldn't believe. I applied towels soaked in vinegar to the areas and left it for about an hour before throwing them away when the stinging didn't decrease. It did however feel better once I took the towels off. I read later that vinegar increases the toxins in your body from the sting if it is in fact a Portuguese Man of War, so maybe if you know for certain that's what it is, avoid the vinegar. I'm thinking that was part of my problem later when I had horrible aches all over my body and chills despite the Caribbean temperature.
Despite the sting incident, it was a great vacation though. If you get a chance to cruise, try the Oasis of the Seas for certain.
I do wonder though if my little jellyfish was trying to make a design on my arm because of all the marks I found, there was a swastika looking design and oddly, the number 15. I'm slightly disturbed by that but still, kind of marveled that it looked like designs. Not that I ever want to be a canvas for jellyfish art again though. So with that thought, and the purpose of this post, I gathered some jellyfish art and realized they are quite beautiful despite their evil stings. I guess we all have to have a defense mechanism though, don't we?

A beautiful designed pillow that would be a nice addition to a beach or lake house.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

As long as kids know jellyfish are NOT cuddly, this is an adorable little "pet"

This is a fun summery alternative to a windsock and is so simple to DIY.

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