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Friday, July 15, 2011

Horcrux-Worthy Items

I don't think there is another series out there that renders so much excitement as the Harry Potter series, especially at midnight. I have experienced it with other HP movies but am always amazed by the zeal of fans dressing up in intricate (a pretty convincing Bellatrix Lestrange sat in front of us) costumes, not to mention cheering all throughout the movie. Black college graduation robes can be brought out once again and repurposed into a Hogwarts robe, assuming that you have graduated college and are still going to a midnight movie. I did, sans graduation robe however. I don't like Halloween that much so if I don't dress up then, I'm not going to at midnight.
Nonetheless, the series went out with a bang and has now taken its place as my favorite HP movie. It is wonderful all around.
I always love the design of the wizard world and from a design perspective, was looking forward to seeing what the horcruxes looked like in cinematic form rather than the image in my head from the book. So I thought I would round up a few horcrux-worthy items that I liked that would still fit in consistently with the aesthetic. All items are handmade from Etsy.
Sorry, I did not include a snake or Harry himself. I'm not sure why you would want that awful creature(not even a stuffed animal) and I'm pretty sure you cannot purchase Daniel Radcliffe(maybe a cardboard cutout if you're really that into it?)

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

I had trouble deciding on a leather journal because Etsy has so many beautiful ones to choose from. I like the key charm on this one and the deep brown of the leather color. I think Tom Riddle would use this. For evil soul splitting of course, not to pen a poem or anything.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

I love statement jewelry and this one is beautiful, it has a vintage feel and looks a little bit mysterious. It even is reminiscent of the Gaunt ring-turned horcrux and the symbol for the deathly hallows with the subtle line in the middle and similar geometric outer shape.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

The design of a clear locket is beautiful and simple. While it's not a large crystal like Slytherin's locket in the movie, it could still be a nice horcrux right? I think a piece of soul could fit in there nicely, and-bonus!-you can see it.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

So this is pretty far from the imagined Hufflepuff's Goblet, or the one in the movie, but let's be honest about it. The goblet is kind of tacky. It is just a little bit too medieval for me. However, this adorable little ceramic one has a shimmery gold glaze that makes it a special piece of pottery. Gilded=horcrux worthy.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Unless you are royalty or the age of five, you probably don't wear a diadem that often. Although for a special occasion, a sparkly tiara-like headband can be classy if it's not overdone (example:wedding). I liked that Ravenclaw's diadem was small with a little touch of blue in it and more like a headband than a tiara. I would wear that if I had an ocassion to. Or if not, I would just make a horcrux out of it.

This wraps up the Harry Potter Blog Week. Grab your ticket and some Harry Potter treats and watch it all end in a theater near you. Have a lovely weekend.

Mischief managed.

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