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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Harry Potter Fashion

Since this is the epic week of the finale of the Harry Potter movies, with an excited and somewhat sad heart I await the midnight movie Thursday night. So until then, this is Harry Potter blogging week here at Fanciful Ink. I'm delving deeper into the design aspect of these books. We can be inspired especially by these books because you create your own world when reading them and then see it in a new light when seeing the movies.
I have found a new love, Disney Bound on Tumblr. The genius behind this creates outfits based on a character. I can't wait to see what else is in store with so many beloved Disney characters on this site, but for now, Harry Potter week, feast your eyes upon the lovely outfits based on the great majority of the cast. I did a round up of my favorite ensembles and did my own take for Harry Potter.

This Balmain Lightning Bolt Dress is the perfect Harry Potter chic sheath

These Elizabeth and James pumps are to die for even if you're not a horcrux.

In remembrance of the magnificent Hedwig, this Owl Beaded Bracelet is a must.

Simply incomplete without them. Harry Potter's glasses.

From Disney Bound :

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