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Monday, July 18, 2011

Faking It, Floral

I love having fresh flowers around in my apartment. Whole Foods always has an array of beautiful flowers that I usually indulge myself in if I go there for groceries. I am usually not a fan of fake flowers. If I do like any, they have to look very real otherwise I tend to think they just look cheesy. My exception is if the flowers are made of fabric and are eye-catching in a unique way that says "Yes I'm a fake flower but I'm a really cool fake flower." I really like crespedia because they are playful and fresh, not to mention an amazing color! On my next crafting day, I am certainly making these felted stems of crespedia:

These poppies are so lively and funky made out crepe paper. I'm a huge fan of poppies, mostly because of the Wizard of Oz! They are such happy little flowers.

Embellishments like buttons and jewels with fabric or felt is a nice touch to a unique fake flower. This seems like it would be especially sweet for a little girls room.

Coffee filters are easily made into other things and don't look like coffee filters, hence these awesome roses. Even if these end up looking fake, it is fine because they become a work of art.

I never would have thought these were fake flowers at all. The DIY is from 100 Layer Cake, a great wedding idea website for all you brides out there. I get inspiration for my wedding invitation designs from this site a lot. There are more bouquet examples on the site made out of fabric as well.

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