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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DIY Soap Dispenser, Summer Wreath & Fancy Seashells

Last Saturday was a very crafty day. I had several DIY projects pinned on Pinterest, as did my friend Whitney, so we bit the bullet and spent the majority of the day crafting our little hearts out. I have to admit, none of these projects came from my own mind. I cannot take credit for them whatsoever so here are the original inspirations:

I love Method soaps because you can buy a bottle and refill it with the refill bags. The shape is great too. Most people don't really look at the shape of a soap bottle and get excited about it. Until you buy a can of spray paint and some sticker letters! Now you'll admire your soap bottle every time you wash your hands (which I hope is a lot) like I do. The process is simple too.
soap bottle
spray paint in your choice of color, we chose black
a sticker initial or anything you desire to spruce up the bottle. We found pearl letters in the scrapbook section and spelled out S-O-A-P

Spray the bottle (remove labels if you like, we didn't) and let it dry.
Put on your letters.
Wash your hands!

Even though it is the middle of summer, I couldn't resist doing this very fun summery wreath. It's almost as simple as the soap, you just have to use a little more muscle to really get those little umbrellas in the wreath form! It's equal parts silly and summery, which is perfect!
Cocktail umbrellas (found at Party City, we mistakenly got the jumbo ones!)
Wreath form
Wreath hanger

Poke the umbrella picks into the wreath form in whatever pattern you fancy. The sticks will go through the wreath pretty far, so you will need to cut off the excess in order for it to lay against the door well. Slip the finished wreath into a wreath hanger and put it on the door!

*Don't let your pets play with paper umbrellas unmonitored. However, it is funny to watch.

Spray paint can spruce up so much, even little objects like seashells. For an upscale summer look with a very cheap price tag, you can have some awesome accessories for your home in no time.
seashells (we found ours at Michaels for under $3)
metallic spray paint (we did silver)
a vase or container to put the seashells in

Place seashells far enough apart to thoroughly coat the entire surface of the shell. Spray 2-3 coats on the shells with the spray paint and let dry. Assemble the shells into the container you chose and enjoy your inexpensive rich-looking home decor.


  1. I can't believe you let that dumb cat do that! She could have choked herself!! :-)

  2. I love these DIY ideas! They are so simple that anyone could do it. Even I could look at them and say, "I could make that!" ;-)
    DIY rocks -More more!! Love it!



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