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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Decorating Adventures of the Guest Blogger

Hello all! Please do not tell Laurie it took me until Wednesday to share my adventures! I have been preparing our new little home for a quick photo shoot.

As Laurie mentioned my husband and I left the grandeur of an estate in Nashville for quaint living in Knoxville. The changes are obvious but good. Somehow we have managed to find homes with great character; this makes decorating so easy. I don't know that my decorating sense is as good as Laurie says, I think the homes make way for accents that bring their beauty to the surface. Our apartment in Nashville had plaster walls, large antique windows (everything about the house was antique), beautiful floors and landscaping that changed color with every season. We had more space in this house than we could have ever imagined. You will not see every room because I took photos in process of moving. Our new home in Knoxville has plaster walls, many windows trimmed in what we will call dark cherry (I don't know wood as I am sure that is incorrect), amazingly perfect honey wood floors and landscaping that we will beautify this fall. :-) The flooring in our new abode was a surprise as it had typical beige carpet filled with the smell of cigarettes when we laid our eyes on the little 1930s home. (Quick fact: our home in Nashville was built around the same year.) Our landlords succeeded in removing the smoke smell and we have succeeded in removing the musty smell of an old house by purchasing a de-humidifier. We found out a damp basement causes odor.

We have been fortunate enough to save our pennies when it comes to purchasing home decor. Our families have so graciously given us most any piece of furniture you will see. A number of the small decorations are things we have gathered along the years, things we have made and left over decor from our wedding. We have painted the kitchen, bathroom, second bedroom (you can see that later when it is in a better state), an accent wall in the living room and bedroom. I needed color this time around. Enough chatter. Here are some photos of the homes here and there.

Our new home

The entrance of our apartment

Our new living room
The layers created by the doorway into the hall really makes the room I think...the accent table in the corner gives the room great depth when you enter

Our old living room
My music man's corner-banjo, organ he just got for his birthday and his favorite opera & poster from Amsterdam--also, the stained glass lamp was made by my mother and was a Christmas present, the match to it is in our bedroom
This thing was a beast to move in and out of a second floor apartment...
The husband is going to make us a headboard and hopefully after that I will not need to hang anything on this wall
My mom has given us some of the coolest furniture and I am so glad she has collected over the years
My plan is to mount Ball jars on 2x4s or something and hang them on the wall below the art for storage or a basket for towels to go in

Our old place had the cutest toilets I have ever seen
The light green on the walls makes the cabinets look prettier than they are and allows for bold color accents
If you notice I have plants in just about every room now...I observed plants in our old place, now I am learning to nurture them. We shall see how good I am at that. Keep an eye out at your home improvement stores, most of the plants we have I got for $1 in the plant clearance section and they are thriving.

Some of the little beauties I observed at our old lovely, maybe one day I can do that here.

I hope I have not overwhelmed you with photos and rambling. It has been fun revisiting memories and enjoying the present. I will keep Laurie up to date with photos when we finish some details in the bathroom and bedroom. We do have a dinning room as well. It needs a lot of help...anyone have a buffet or china cabinet they want to donate? Also, I am looking forward to finalizing the office/music room (yes he has more instruments)...there will be photos of that as well. Thank you for letting me share!

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