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Thursday, June 16, 2011

We're Going To Eat A Shark.

"We're going to eat a dolphin"
"No, you're going to pet one."
Right. We're going to pet one."

I don't remember much from the movie Multiplicity except for cracking up over this line. I like dolphins, but I wouldn't want to eat one (yes I know mahi mahi is dauphin but that's not the same. Different spelling, different fish. I like to eat dauphin. Not dolphin). I would, however, want to eat this shark cupcake my mom just made. I was just sent a (not very) creepy text that was supposed to be Jaws music spelled out, followed by a photo of these adorable cupcakes. I'm glad I got the follow-up picture not just because they are super cute, but otherwise I would have thought she really lost her mind this time.
She is wanting to learn more about cake and cupcake decorating so this is good practice for her. She made the buttercream icing choppy to look like water and tinted it blue and made the shark "fin" out of chocolate that she melted, froze and cut into the fin shape. The cake part was yellow cake tinted two shades of blue. I love little surprises on the inside of cupcakes, whether it's filling or some sort of surprising color. So cute!
Good job, Mom. I wish I was there to eat a shark.

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