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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Summer Essentials

Happy first day of summer! I'm usually a huge fan of fall weather. I don't like extreme heat unless I'm near a body of water. And by "near" I mean about five feet away. However, considering the crazy cold and icy winter and horrific rainy spring, I'm glad for nicer weather even if it is hot.
My makeup regimen changes when I go to the pool, lake or beach. I want something lighter on my face so that if it comes off, I can reapply easily. I can tell the sun has changed significantly over the past few years. While I normally would be satisfied with the SPF 15 in my everyday makeup, I think I'm bumping it up to 50 this year with Physician's Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Tinted Moisturizer. I have not used this particular product before but thus far, Physician's Formula is my go-to brand next to Clinique. The packaging is fun and summery too with the bright pink and orange combo. Good design colors!

The Tone It Up girls brought my attention to the Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer, Blush & Eye Shadow, also from Physician's Formula that I must have overlooked before. If you use each strip individually and apply with a cotton ball, the results are a great beachy glow. I use the medium tones for cheeks, the lightest for all over eyes, and the darkest to highlight my eyelid crease and a little bit under my cheekbone. I love the affect of the shimmer strips. I do not recommend using a makeup brush however, because the colors will blend into one shimmery cube, thus simply creating bronzer rather than individualizing the bronzer, blush, eye shadow trio. I have to buy another one now because I used my brush!

I am in love with this lipstick. It is light enough for the beach if you get it in a natural color because it has SPF 20. It's moisturizing and feels so velvety on your lips. No other lipstick can compare in my opinion so far. I have not been able to locate its whereabouts other than online. I always check at Walgreens or Target when I am there and for some reason the Neutrogena MoistureShine Lipstick has alluded me. It can be found online on Neutrogena's website.

I needed a new beach bag because while my little straw one is cute, it's little and when the straw gets wet, it gets soggy like Cheerios left in milk that you don't want to eat. So I turned to L.L. Bean Custom Boat and Tote Bag to solve my beach bag issue. I wanted a big bag, so I customized mine with yellow and turquoise in the extra-large size. Be warned, extra-large means you can fit a medium sized dog in there comfortably with a lot of wiggle room. I don't know if I could pack my entire wardrobe in this, it's so big. So I was disappointed in the size and decided to use it as a duffel bag since I got my name embroidered on it but I ended up ordering the medium size to go along with it and to use as my beach bag. I'm hoping it is the accurate size this time. Nonetheless, it's a great durable bag and you can customize it to your color specification. Here is mine:

My skin needs nourishment after being in water and I love the smell of coconut in the summer. Coconut Body Butter from The Body Shop is thick enough to get rid of the beginning of peeling (bad!) but not overwhelmingly thick that you feel lathered down in oily lotion. It just smells like a little island.

I've always had cheap sunglasses until last summer when my mom urged me to purchase some nice sunglasses to last a while and be durable and classy. Sunglasses look odd on me sometimes since I'm small, but Coach tends to fit smaller faces very well. My sunglasses style, Devyn, is discontinued but can be found here along with other styles.

I invested in a classy, black one-piece swimsuit that I hope will last me many years to come. Rue La La features sales on designer brands at a very discounted price, so I snatched this one up for much cheaper than the price listed on Zappos. I love the shape and style of the Juicy Couture Miss Softee Bandeau Maillot and you can tell it is a quality-made swimsuit that will last.

Have a delightful summer!


  1. Great summer suggestions! I'm going to look into that Physicians Formula sunscreen. My expired banana boat is not cutting it.

  2. I do like banana boat! Probably best to get some that isn't expired though!



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