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Monday, June 20, 2011

More Dad Stuff

I ran across probably one of the best and most useful gifts (and a funny story) today. I think my dad would really appreciate this considering he has been hurting himself more falling face first into the boat, crazy shenanigans, etc. and could probably use some of these items. Actually anyone could, so add this to your mental cool and thoughtful gift list! Note for next year! Hello Giggles writer Sade featured an article about hot dads so read that if you would like. It will make you laugh. However, the best thing in this article is her recap of a readers' best gift from her dad:

Earlier this month, I’d asked my readers to send in their best dad anecdotes. I got a ton of awesome submissions, and I spent an entire night reading through them and laughing until my boyfriend told me to shut up because I looked like a lunatic, kicking my feet in the air and howling at an LCD screen. My absolute favorite, though, comes from Jessica, whose dad reminds me so much of my own that I’m thinking of just referring to her as my sister from now on.

Last January, I went home to visit my family, and my dad had made me a 3-day survival backpack “in case of the zombie apocalypse, or some other disaster”. The backpack weighs almost 30 pounds, and has anything you could dream of. He made a master list of everything in the bag, and the categories include storage, food & water, cooking, light & communications, hygiene & sanitation, first aid, tools, warmth, shelter, and miscellaneous. He even made me a custom repel seat out of parachute cord, and then proceeded to show me how to use it by repelling out of the tree house in our back yard. The only thing he didn’t include is tampons, because, as he put it, “I don’t know anything about feminine products, so you can just add whatever it is you use.” My younger sister is graduating high school this year, and at her graduation party he gave her an emergency backpack of her own.

He took pictures of everything so he could put it on facebook.

PS-WHAT is the zombie apocalypse? I keep hearing about this. I don't understand and it scares me slightly. If anyone would like to inform me that would be superb.

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