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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Making of an Invitation Set: Part 3-Sealing

This was my first experience using a wax seal. Holly had to show me how to do it and I look forward to playing with it in the future. I think it's so elegant to have something sealed in this way. It's a practice that is like a little black dress, it's been around a long time and it's very classy. One pointer though, you either need to hand-deliver the invitation to the post office and show them the seal so they know to be careful with it or place something like this in an outer envelope for extra protection.

Cut the little wax bar with a kitchen knife a little bit at a time. A small amount goes a long way.

Using an old spoon, heat the wax with either a votive candle or directly with a lighter.

The melted wax is slowly poured onto the fold to create a little circle, larger than the stamp. The stamp is pressed down hard for a little bit until the wax cools and the stamp can be easily lifted away. Holly chose this stamp because the hearts mimicked the little heart shapes in the font I used throughout her wedding pieces, LaPointe's Road.

The final result of the seal is beautiful, especially with the gold on dark grey. The second finishing touch is the connecting king and queen postage stamps for a little fun. So cute.

Part 2: Assembly
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