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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Making of an Invitation Set: Part 2-Assembly

The assembly is probably the easiest and most fun part of the invitation process. It's that almost-final moment when you see the final result come together. I always get a little giddy after the final glue dot goes down and everything is in place. It's like the about to walk down the aisle part of the invitation, you're not quite there but you're so close! It's not as easy as slipping pieces of paper in, you have to make sure everything is dry from gluing, as well as making sure each piece is secure so nothing will get bent or slip out during its adventures in the mail. This is also the time to make sure every detail is perfect because once you're done, there's no going back to fix it!

First step: Glue the invitation to the main panel, making sure its centered and secure.

The Directions and Accommodations card goes in the back of the pocket.

The other two cards, in staggered order, go in front in the pocket.

The band with the embossed monogram has to be bent and glued behind the back card to secure the stack.

The back of the embossed monogram is glued to the pocket for even more security of the cards and a finishing touch.


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