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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Making of an Invitation Set: Part 1-Preparation

So much information needs to be included in most wedding invitations but you definitely don't want to crowd a beautiful invitation with lots of information. A pocket fold creates a way to still display everything nicely but still be a stellar piece of design. When I worked with Holly Beecher on her design, she had some great ideas for everything and was just as much a part of the planning and assembly process as I was, if not more. I love the way it all turned out. The pocket fold acted as envelope, folder and invitation display all in one. The dark grey was a great neutral background for the pops of white, yellow and navy throughout the pieces.
The first step was cutting down the paper to appropriate sizes. The main invitation was centered in the big panel and the pocket contained separate cards for Directions and Accommodations, Response and Registry in staggered sizes, alternating colors as well as different textures of cardstock that fit together. A fourth card with information about the Rehearsal was included in the pocket for the wedding party. All of these cards were held in place by a strip of linen paper and an embossed "C" monogram Holly's mom made. Here is the process of preparation (cutting, measuring, folding, etc.) in pictures as demonstrated by the bride herself (PS-look at Holly's pretty pretty ring!).

Paper has to be cut down to perfect sizes, especially when each piece fits together with another piece. Holly is the perfect paper cutter. I might have to hire her to do that when Fanciful Ink takes off and conquers the world. For now though, stick to your day job, Holly.

Holly's mom made these beautiful embossed monograms on linen paper. She needs to teach me how to do it!

The invitation on crystal paper with a shimmer to it.

The Directions & Accommodations card is the tallest card in the pocket and goes in the back. It was on white linen paper for a different texture to contrast with the crystal used in the invitation and the following pocket card, the Response card.

The Response card was within mailing regulations of a postcard size and was stamped on the back already so that guests could send this card back to Holly and Jamie with an accept or decline.

The Registry card was next in line in the pocket, on the same white linen paper as the Directions and Accommodations card. The little medallion on this card peeked out over the edge of the pocket. The wedding party had a fourth card, smaller than this one, in their invitations giving details on the rehearsal. It matched the middle Response card.

The matte dark grey pocket fold acts as display folder and envelope. It's very handy and very pretty.

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