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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fourth Festiveness

No holiday party is complete without a beginning, the invitation. It's the first thing that your guests see. If you have a great invitation, they are going to come because that indicates you're probably going to have really really great food and decorations.

4th of July is the ultimate party of the summer. The best food is around because it's so fresh. It's a requirement to be outside on the 4th prancing around with sparklers, lighting bottle rockets, grilling juicy hamburgers and just enjoying friends and family all decked out in their ridiculous stars and stripes (a little obnoxious if you think about it).
The good thing about holiday decor is that if you buy red pieces and just add an accent color to it, you're good to go for the majority of the major holidays. Christmas-RED and green, Valentine's-RED and pink, Halloween-RED and black, Thanksgiving-RED and brown, 4th of July-RED, white and blue. See the pattern here? So you know somewhere lying around the house are remnants of fabrics or wrapping papers that are red. If you don't, remember to start saving scraps now because "waste not want not" applies to these adorable down-home cozy summer ideas to make Independence Day cute and sustainable!

Don't have enough fabric for a tablecloth? Use a runner and remember if you get or make a red one, you can bring it back out for other holidays.

Such a simple way to wrap up utensils! Use a colored napkin and some strips of paper or even fabric to tie it together.

Another way to spruce up an old mason jar, cover the top with paper or fabric, punch a hole in it and sip with a stripey straw. Your lemonade will taste much better then.

It is so easy to make a drink label if you just measure around the bottle. You can customize any occasion and pull together your party theme easily. It can be done simply, again with fabric or paper. Hot dogs get a little classier with some cute fabric and twine holding it together. Almost so cute that you don't want to eat it. ALMOST.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Fireworks that you can keep for next year! These are adorable and also sustainable if you save your toilet paper and paper towel rolls, just make sure they are in a place where they won't get wet from a sudden summer rain.

Tip: Mix and match your fabric/paper patterns as much as you want. Keep the same three-five colors throughout and you're golden.

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