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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


After finally watching Tangled, I stumbled across sky lanterns on Party Pieces, the event company of the Middleton family (as in the Middletons). The website is adorable and there are several interesting items on there. I wish I had a special occasion for these sky lanterns coming up soon as an excuse to launch them into the night sky just as the parents of the lost princess did in Tangled. Upon finding these actual sky lanterns, I thought, why not have a Tangled-inspired post? Perfect!
Here is what I've put together for those who would like to paint walls and ward off burglars with cookware alongside a pet chameleon while looking chic in purple and have lovely tresses...this is for you.

Don't be confused once it's launched, this sky lantern is not a star.

You must have a sidekick like Pascal. Bonus: he matches anything.

The perfect weapon when needing to knock someone out, this cast iron skillet doubles as a way to fry up some bacon.

Moroccan Oil untangles my hair and leaves it shiny and smooth. It's a must if you have mile-long hair.

Let's face it, princesses are known for extraordinary fashion. Choose purple, the color of royalty, like Rapunzel did. Halston Heritage helps too.

Also, if you are interested in the physics of how Rapunzel uses her hair, this breaks it down for you: Physics of Rapunzel.


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