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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

(Belated) Easter Recap

My apologies for not posting this sooner, but I had to take advantage of the loveliness of the Royal Wedding last week.
My grandmother and I have had an egg dyeing extravaganza every Saturday before Easter Sunday for as long as I can remember. Sometimes we get really creative, sometimes we just go color crazy like this year. The egg dyeing has grown over the years to not just my grandmother and me but to my three younger cousins as well. This year my boyfriend participated for a little while and he along with the two boys were very dangerous with that clear magic crayon that comes with the dye kits. Tip: Always monitor the little boys!
The 60 little white eggs were anxiously awaiting bright colors this year. Our tactic is to buy several kits so you have multiple dippers and combine the pellets to make the color more intense. We add 3 tablespoons of vinegar to lukewarm water enough to cover an egg and then dye away! Our results were very bright and cheerful and graced the Easter table very well the following day. My grandmother adorned the table with them and put an egg in a cute little egg cup along with the Easter menu and placecards at everyone's seat. Enjoy the recap photos!

Gangie and Audrey

Bryce, Audrey, me, Ford

My mom painted these styrofoam eggs and mixed them in amongst the blue.

Fake "Chocolate" bunnies and glittery eggs in my mom's kitchen

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