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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Easter Menu

Easter is usually a big to-do with my family, particularly my grandmother. She has a huge spread of delicious food on a very colorful table decorated with odds and ends collected over the years. You'll notice the menu says 'Grandaddy's Ham' because it can only be cooked and carved by him! My boyfriend shot a turkey on our last trip home so we are going to try to deep fry it (I say we, but it won't be me) and enjoy him for the holiday. Of course we always dye eggs, a tradition my grandmother and I have long had and enjoy now with my three younger cousins. Our entire family participates in an Easter egg scavenger hunt in my grandparents' basement, where we get a plastic egg with a clue and have to find where our little gift is located. It's very entertaining trying to decipher handwriting and figuring out who has what item.
I offered to make little menus and place cards (even though we always sit in the same spot, it's still cute) for the table for Sunday. I've given my grandmother a sneak peek but now I wanted to share with you so you have time to make some as well! Above is the menu card and below are our place cards. I chose a color scheme of orange, turquoise and purple this year. It's so fresh and colorful!

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