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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Small attempt at being somewhat French

Once 2011 rolled around, I was determined to be more mindful about what I eat and more regimented about working out and staying fit. I know I know, it's pretty much everyone's resolution. So far, I've stuck with it and have found that I like more vegetables that I realized, which is a good thing if you are on the track to eating healthier.
So, in my attempt to get fit, I joined Livestrong and have tracked my calories and fitness daily. The major benefit though? Recipes posted by other users that are tasty and low-calorie!
I found a recipe for ratatouille (found here) and I thought, hey, I like zucchini, squash, eggplant and that adorable movie...if the rat can make it so can I!
I cannot take credit for the recipe, but I can take credit of the beautiful design that the deep purple, yellow and green with a hint of vibrant tomato red made. I love the colors of this recipe (I've always heard the more colorful your plate is, the healthier it is!), so it has sparked a new color palette for me!

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