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Monday, February 28, 2011

Inspiration From Your Boyfriend

Is there a man in your life celebrating a birthday? These mustache cupcake toppers from TheBlissfulBaker are the perfect funny for your honey (or dad or grandpa or uncle...)

Winter weather always makes me think of leather and plaid and snuggling up with a warm boyfriend. I always say mine is my own personal space heater. I'm not sure if he likes that or not, but I like that he's always warm! Fall and winter are the perfect times to embrace the menswear look with worn cognac colored leather and deep grey.
While winter weather is finally giving over to more pleasant temperatures, we still have a few short days of gloomy color palettes (I mean this in a good way) that evoke comfort and evenings inside by the fire.
I picked a few classic menswear items that will take you with the trend from winter to spring.

I love the rustic yet modern feel of this Fossil Max Duffel

Living in Nashville, it's a must to have a pair of good cowboy or equestrian style boots. Some of the good ole boys can pull it off and be sexy if they are a real cowboy. For spring, these Tan Riding Boots from Lulu's would be fresh and fun with a flouncy floral dress.

The rose gold of Fossil's Boyfriend Watch makes this just girly enough so that your boyfriend won't mistake it for his. If he tries to wear it though, you might want to reevaluate your relationship...

So outdoorsy and cute, this iPhone/iPod dock from woodtec on Etsy is perfect for any man but would also be beautiful for a woman who wants a little bit of earthiness in her home.

I'm always asking my dad or boyfriend to borrow his knife to open something. It's probably about time I just bought a stylish one for myself. I'm really loving that Swiss Army took into consideration that women need to use knives on occasion too by creating cute designs on their classic utensil.

Every woman needs to take matters into her own hands when it comes to building things in order to be a well-rounded individual. I myself am still trying to master the skill of fixing things. I'm sure I would be much better at it if I had this pink tool set from Girly Gadgets!

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