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Friday, February 4, 2011

Flipping Online

I love magazines. I used to work as the art director for one and apparently have become the collector of them as well. I have 2 baskets full in my living room (and have kept every issue I had of the much-loved, long lost Domino mag), have a stack in my bathroom and bedroom. Sadly though, I rarely take time to sit down and actually flip through them. However, I do have an ever-growing list of wonderful online magazines that I do sit down and flip through. Each and every one of them make me want to get out of my apartment and decorate my own house...or maybe just constantly redo my apartment! High Gloss Magazine recently debuted this week and is now added to my list of design magazines to salivate over.
Happy Friday, take time to flip through a few of these online gems today:
Adore Home Magazine
Ivy & Piper
Sweet Paul Digital
Covet Garden
Lonny Magazine

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