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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Behold BHLDN

Dadadadum! It's here! Valentine's Day was good to me this year-I had three flowers from the men in my life (grandfather, father, boyfriend!) and enjoyed salivating over the goodness that is Anthropologie's new bridal line, BHLDN. I took the 'What Kind Of Bride Are You' test just for fun since I am not a bride...I was just curious what Anthropologie thought I was. I think they were pretty spot-on with the 'Nostalgic Romantic'. While I love Anthropologie, I am personally not crazy about the gowns since my nostalgic romantic self tends to be more traditional (and since I'm short a poofy dress would make me look like a crazy inverted cupcake) but I do love the array of dresses for bridesmaids or parties. Many of those, if not all, are to die for. So many delicious delicacies are on this site and has lent inspiration to me as I brainstorm about putting together new stationary to sell on my website...just one more step to molding Fanciful Ink!

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